About Us

Welcome to
LIP Company Limited

Transforming South Sudan into a regional economic hub.

LIP Company Limited, located on the outskirts of Juba near Luri River is privately owned conglomerate of companies made up of South Sudanese as shareholders.

It houses a myriad of upcoming industries ranging from petroleum, printing, agribusiness, abattoirs, and pharmaceuticals to plastics and water bottling.

This is the first development of this nature in South Sudan and has been conceptualized to help transform South Sudan into a regional economic hub and reduce the over reliance on imports besides creating employment and poverty alleviation.

Our Vision

To be South Sudanese’s leading developer of various products and delivering world class standards solutions to our customers while committed to protecting the environment and the community

Our Mission

LIP is committed to the production of high quality goods and services that are for local   and international markets.   

Benefits of
Engaging Us

The Company prides itself as a leading employer in South Sudan and contributes significantly to the national revenue and domestic production. Our range of industries all ensure that we supply diverse products to the market and will always take a lead in local production and supply of essential commodities in South Sudan and
international markets.

The Company has competent staff dedicated to serve our customers and the people of South Sudan. The Company has significantly invested in the employees, and usually giving the employees the best possible work environment, and encourage their input and collaboration in the business.

The Company has remained focused on optimizing the manufacturing process, and then building the industries based on processes and procedures that are ideal. Our staff are highly engaged to ensure there is maximum efforts to facilitate workflow, minimize errors, and quicken production time. Hence, we always focus on employing experts and qualified staff.